“System and Human”

7 years old boy,looked here and there,with frustration
he tossed the wooden box onto the ground to break it open,
started to collect coins,to count down how much time he has left,
because he heard someone said ,”Time is Money”.
but found 2 coins only,
reluctantly ,he counted again and again,
with such force,thinking somehow he would escape the reality,
I had always heard them say
soldiers are for peace,am i blind?
because where there are soldiers I don’t see any peace,
so tell me,what does the wars bring,
besides leaving silence,destruction and fear,
in the eyes of child,in hearts of men and women,
make skin so fragile,life so insignificant,
ruin special yet so precious moments of happy lives,
take away thousands of smiles,
should I applaud,for you?
should I give you an award,for it?
oh!and your theory of connecting the world ,
from YouTube to Facebook,only to create chaos,hoax and broke,
from phone to CCTV,how rapidly you reveal someone’s secret information on TV,
by all this entertainment,
seeing people bearing pains,
are you still not entertained yet?
lying is in fashion and egocentric is being modern,
If that is the case then eminently I’m out of fashion and definitely I’m not modern,
you call yourself “A System”.
I call myself “A Human”.
while you rely on science,
I count on my spine,
when you count the medicines you take,
I count the stars that shine,
while you run experiments for inner peace,
I peacefully sleep,
while you worry about your misery,
I sit there counting my blessings,
and when you depend on technology for safety,
I pray simply,
So you count on your System,
and I will continue to count on my Human.




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