Their Tricks

Water acts as poison,
They say,you are free,
than why do i feel like i’m in prison,
Trapped in jail,
Trying to escape ,
but every time i fail,
i just fail
to get freedom,
And i look at the children,
The kind of life they are livin,
why do they have to suffer,
they run after food like a kite runner,
New technology science everyday discover,
I wonder will they ever discover,
the device to cool down the asphalt ,
where homeless people sleep in hot summer,
Because it seems tough,
and life gets rough ,
when you get no place to sleep ,
soiled food to eat,
polluted air to breath,
muddy water to drink ,
it looks like they’re playing,
with our lives with their tricks.


written by :  Revolution of World


7 thoughts on “Their Tricks

  1. This one is brilliant. It clearly depicts the ordeal of what many people around us go through.
    Though all are aware of this, but hardly anybody stands up and do something for it, which worsens their ordeal.

    Liked by 1 person

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