Little things

House made up of sand,
2 children lives in , hand in hand,
not enough to eat,
neither to fulfill their need,
no shoes on feet,
no pain,no grieve ,
life is simple and beautiful as it could be,
play on the ground ,no toys,
with sand,
build castles than break them with one hand,
then run as fast as they can,
time flies,
they grow up,
stay part from each other,
none of em live together,
have enough to eat,
have everything and anything they need,
everyday wear new shoes on feet,
all pain ,all grieve,
life is not simple and beautiful as it used to be,
play with feelings and emotions,not sand,
built their own castles,
walls are too strong,can’t even break them with both hands,
they are broken inside by heart,
no talk,no more laugh,
nowhere to run,
no more fun,
sometime ,
world push you to the point,
where hate is powerful than love,
where money is important than love,
and you lose peace like i mentioned above,
this is irony of life,
in the end world always wins,
it’s just the way of things.


written by :  Revolution of World


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