Pakistan and india 2016! can we solve our issues without violence and blood shedding

Back to 14 aug 1947, the day when more than 1 million people had died.Thousands of women were raped.hundereds of childern were murdard.At the same time, millions of Muslims abandoned their homes to cross the border into Pakistan.and hindus and sikhs headed to india .One of the greatest migration in human history.I’m proud to say that i was born in an independent state.I may not know the pain that people had suffered during partition both muslims and hindus.but i can imagine how hard it can be.
I can’t watch it happen again.This time there would be much more violence and agony because both pak and india are nuclear states. i’m not putting blame on one side .i’m not gonna say your prime minister narendra modi is right ,i’m not gonna say my prime minister nawaz sharif is right .but i do want to say they’re both wrong.War is not the solution to the problems .It never was and it never will be.i’m against every kind of violence .I know just like me and people of my nation,majority of indians does not favor this war,this violence.550280f3c29d8.jpg

There are things which they both (modi and nawaz) should worry about like how about POVERTY,EQUALITY,HUMAN RIGHTS,SAFETY ….and list could go on and on..



Can we all just live in peace without violence and no hate .Can we just forget our enmities and conflicts .Can we stop now.It’s been 70 years.Let us live our lives.

written by : Revolution of World


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