Enjoy in 60 sec….Yes in 1 min

People.Honking horns,traffic on the road,speaking on phones,hands cold,folds on forehead, always getting ahead.Always late to your work ,so you walk in hurry on the street ,looking at your feet,but forget to look at the beautiful horizon,to feel the wind that touches your face while going to other place.But you don’t notice anything because you’re always in hurry.


Alright i get it , you wanna be successful ,wanna be on time,but your steadfastness will soon change into pettiness because you’re always in hurry,always worry.




So let’s take a moment and enjoy while you’re going to  your work or anywhere.I’m not gonna ask you to throw a party or anything like that but……..let’s enjoy not for a day or an hour but for a minute.Okay now you’re thinking like “i’m crazy” and “how can you enjoy for a minute”.

just do as i say okay.let the time begin.. shall we ?

1,2,3,4… look up at the sky, you see how birds fly.

5,6,7,8 …bright day isn’t it great?

9,10,11,12…. rhythmic sound of children playing….

13,14,15,16……feel the wind,that touch your lashes when you blink.

17,18,19,20,….sunlight flicking through the leaves,glasses covering eyes,flashing headlights.

21,22,23,24……street trees at your right,the dog bite,imagine the beautiful view of sky ,stars with moon at night.

25,26…30….. that person behind your back i think he’s late.Ask him if he want to race.but no no,just forget it he’s going to other place.

31,32,33,34,35 ….can you see that poor man sitting right there …..give him a dollar or ten .if you can.

36,37…40…..lust in the air,rippling your hair.Did you hear?it passed by your ear.

41..42…45…..In case you’re having a bad day …give someone high five.

46…….50….. smile at the random kid.Think about beautiful things.Butterflies and bee strings.

51,52,53,54…..oh you see that beautiful girl…i think she’s watching ..you ..no i’m kidding.

55,56,57 58………wait wait wait,watch your steps boy you’re gonna fall and i’m sure you’re gonna cry.

59……. i see your smile….

…60 …. i see you stopped for awhile.

written by :  Revolution of World


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