You’re too small to fight

too weak to bear the pain of bullet

Children of your age play with paper guns

you’re being shot by machine guns

The echo of shooting guns and blasts

will bother you for the rest of your life

i know you are too afraid to dream

want to scream

because reality is painful

and pain is too powerful

but you’re invincible

and stronger than anyone has ever been

don’t let those people bring to your knees

You’ve heard the Sound of shattering streets

vibration beneath your small feet

you’ve seen people covered with blood

blood flowing like flood

helpless expression on their faces

wondering,crying, running about the places

still you did not cry

your strength brought tears to my eyes

whole world watch you dying

but i see you fighting

i see you trying

i’m sorry for not being there to protect you

but hey little fighter

soon it’ll be brighter

i promise you.


written by :  Revolution of World


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