End Poverty

Damages caused by poverty take years to repair sometimepoverty-17lsqbd.jpgs it can never be repaired.Today we have a solution to every problem except poverty.Poverty is not just a problem, it is a war between rich and poor,in which poor people always die.The war either ends up  leaving poor people more hungery and  more weak or it never ends.

The wounds created by poverty never heals but it gets more painful with time to time.It create deep hole in people’s mind.People who suffers from poverty not only live in Asia or south Africa but all around the world.


Poverty is not created by nature it’s manmade .Powerful governments of world can end poverty but they would never do it not in a million years because if they feed them , teach them ,they are afraid that one day one of em  will gonna stand tall and will do so much better than them.

“Poverty is a worst form of violence ” : Gandhi

To keep people hungry is one of the reason to keep country backwards and keep masses weak.


writer : Revolution of World


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