Just stop.

If i say i am black  and when i say i am white what is it gonna change ? does it make me a human if i’m white and an animal if i’m black? A lot of people worry so much about skin colour it’s very sad.
Racism is a big problem .this is the main reason why people have to suffer through their whole lives.i don’t care if you’re black or white or whatever is the colour of your skin and nor should you care about it.All human beings are equal. It’s the character that makes people smaller or bigger. It’s about human values , it’s about humanity .

Haven’t you all learned enough from the poor condition of south africa. They are suffering badly. they don’t have anything to eat,a place to sleep , clothes to cover up their bodies , children living there never been to school , they never get to celebrate their birthdays, a lot of them never seen a car ,a phone , an airplane , a toys, a train , a flower .
they never get to drink pepsi or coca cola or any juice or any soda they don’t even have a water to drink which is essential for living.
dO not tell me that you don’t see because you know every bit of it.We are in 21st century.What do we ” Educators” and ” graduates ” and ” doctors ” and “teachers” and politicians and presidents
and prime ministers and scientists and physicians who get their higher degree from University of Cambridge UK
Massachusetts Institute of Technology US ,Harvard University US and other top ranking universities but failed to understand
human values i don’t call it education and being modern i call it being ignorant and being selfish and dumb.All those billionaires businessmen , millionaires and multimillionaires artiimg_7223-e12801713259t71.jpgsts and most powerful governments of the world and ngo’s,foundations who give donations all the time ,do you ever wonder why after all this kind of donations their condition is still the same in africa .because they really don’t want them to change they want to see them like this forever,white people and
so called democratic governments don’t want them to get education ,don’t want em to be successful do you ever wonder after all these years why they are still like this ? because they use their poverty for promo,all these people take advantage of them.They don’t
give a one damn about their (african’s) sickness.that is why nothing has changed.

 just forget about race and caste and creed and color enough is enough .We can’t bear to lose more lives .Try to help people despite of their race .Because that’s what humans do .We help each other .


article by :  Revolution of World


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