Be alive

i’m surrounded by  people who pressured me,
told me i can do whatever than criticized me,
i once fell in love and it tricked me,
trusted those people who wracked me,
i got so lost i couldn’t find me,
they broke my heart ,
i carried it on my sleeve,
i tried to put my mind to ease,
tried hard to sleep,
i said i’m broken, they didn’t believe me,
instead of being there for me,
they all left me,
hypnotized me by all the lies
they told me ,
fear got stuck in my head ,
and they still torchured me ,
i cried looking for someone to help me,
i was being honest and my friends judged me,
what a cruel world in which i am living in,
can’t trust, can’t sleep ,can’t dream,
hard to breath,hard to live,hard to be alive


written by : Revolution of World


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