Open your eyes

You know media has the power to control everything,change everything and destroy everything .

The reality of media is that it would tell you everything i mean EVERYTHING expect truth.Mass media is spreading around the world with great number of ratio.People believe what they read in newspaper ,what they see on TV , what the see on twitter ,facebook and all the other websites ( i don’t want to mention their names but you know all the websites and channels).

Day by dayMedia-and-Realhity.jpg they are becoming more and more powerful.And the only thing they do is spread lies .The journalists just want money they don’t even care to write about the things that really matters.If you tell them to write something you didn’t do ,they will be like ” i don’t do this kind of thing” but when you offer them money they will say ” yeah no problem ,we will write whatever you want us to write” .

The new
thing that has been added to the list is that ,media now take sides . they support people who are more powerful ,for example which politician is more powerful ,which artist is more famous they could have a better rating and better money. Media  has nothing to do with peace ,truth and loyalty .

So please do not believe anything you see on tv ,or newspaper.Unless you know the real truth .otherwise they will trap you just like they trapped and still trapping millions of people around the world by uncovering the truth and telling lies.


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