i asked myself “why i’m alone”?
do i look like clone?
i once had friends ,now they are gone,
i did nothing wrong,
i always wanted to help them,
as i remember ,i never even hurt them ,
when i was in school,they would
always pushed me to the back of the line ,
they said i wasn’t important,i don’t deserve
to stand in front line ,
i said “it’s okay “, “it’s fine”,
But when i scored high in exams ,
suddenly everyone wanted to be my friend,
but it was too late,i was too young ,
and they were too dumb
to understand meaning of love ,
I became too strong,
they couldn’t understand the things like i could,
Thoughts in my head were so loud ,
Now i’m in college,there are new people,
ask me ,you want friend you can choose,
only if they know that i’m emotionally abuse,
people now wonder why i don’t make friends,
I have trust issues,and important things do ,
And i don’t need friends.


written by: Revolution of World


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