The High Speed Train,

Today we were told of things that are new
We are at last to have the H.S 2,
No matter the cost of this new Train,
Money for this will be found once again.
Bridges are crumbling, they are so old,
Disasters waiting as my tale unfolds,
Motorways closed as repairs are done,
‘Tis the HS2 where the money has gone.

Our roads are neglected and have been for years,
Many are the ‘pot-holes’ that cause many tears,
For money is needed for the High Speed Train,
Never for Roads to have money again.
People’s homes that stand in the way,
Will be demolished, for those folks have no say.
All to save those thirty minutes of travel,
But there is more as my tales unravel.

Lights not lit in the dark of night,
To save more money, yet it isn’t right
For in the dimness it is hard to see
The hazards that are waiting for you and me.
Hard shoulders on Motorways into use have come,
No widening of motorways will now ever be done,
Maybe nothing on our roads will e’re be the same
But Hey! We are to have the High Speed Train.

The cost from each house-hold, so we are told
Will be a thousand pounds whether young or old,
Yet perhaps none of us can afford to pay,
But we have never yet been allowed a say.
Not one High Speed train into Birmingham City,
Time saved on the Journey, will be lost, ‘tis a pity
The half-hour saved will be needed however,
Through another mode of travel, not so clever.

Whose great idea was this big spend on Trains?
That many people travel on just now and again?
Our Politicians never said the words to me or you,
That our sovereign Government have to obey the EU?


26 thoughts on “The High Speed Train,

  1. It’s the same everywhere, politicians are not interested in renovating existing infrastructure, they just want to keep investing in new technology and construction. The latter is a good thing, if it didn’t come at a cost to the former. John Oliver has a theory. He says, it’s because politicians love to attend ribbon cuttings!


      1. I respectfully disagree. Politicians represent us (perhaps not the best of us), our society. If they have become corrupt, that means the society itself has become corrupt. We need to battle that sickness, instead of blaming an entire group of people.


      2. i totally agree with you.yes if they are corrupt ,means society is corrupt.Put some of us are not sick and corrupt in the society ,that is why we choose our leaders and they give us nothing ,NOTHING.AND how we are gonna fight that battle they have all the powers .The moment you stand against them ,the next moment you’re dead.This is the reality.That is why politicians bothers me the most.

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      3. That is true. Change is slow, it will probably not happen in our life times. Best thing to do is to teach our children values, put some moral fiber in them. Meanwhile, we continue to fight the good fight in our own small way, just like you are doing right now, with your blog.


      4. i am trying my best to do whatever i can.but everything is going too Slow know i always wanted to be a leader since i was 9 .And by the time when i get there i will take revenge ,whatever they did and still doing to people all over the world can’t be ignored.


      5. There is a saying where I come from, ‘ Good and evil are eternally entwined, you cannot have one without the other.’
        I agree.
        Reflect on that. I hope it helps you.


      6. It helps, thanks . hey i am not a bad girl i know what you are thinking ,it’s not like i hate them or i want to kill them.the thing i hate is they are bringing violence to the world.And of course Love is more powerful than hate and anger and everything,and love is my way.

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      7. I never thought for a second that you were bad. I was just hoping to cool you off. You know cause, cooler heads always prevail. 🙂
        Sorry, I didn’t mean to be preachy!


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