i love wind :) and i have very different opinion about it,”you should be like wind”

Most people don’t even like wind and i tell you why.when wind blows ,girls get insecure about their hair ,they get mad.Same reason is with boys but they do not hate wind because it messed  up their hair but they don’t like it cause they are very insecure about their clothes trust me lol.

some people think ,the wind is too cold.Some think it’s too hot.Some think it’s too dirty.Some think it’s too loud and fast.

But for me it’s very different.If you observe you will find wind very precious.People should get inspire by it.It can crash you ,it can make you feel it’s presence,without wind life won’t be the same.,IT CAN MAKE YOU FEEL HAPPY,IT CAN MAKE YOU FEEL ANGRY BUT NO ONE CAN NEVER CATCH IT ,ONE MOMENT YOU THINK YOU CATCH IT IN YOUR                                                               HAND 

 1175209146033599326_17107011.jpg                           BUT THE                                                                            NEXT MOMENT IT’S GONE .




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