This World Is A Mess

They tell you to love each other
but they’re the one who spread hate around
they have power in their hands and all are together
people are dying everywhere
they don’t even bother to look around
the blood is shattering in Libya
i saw children fighting for their lives in Syria
terrorism in Pakistan
masses live under mountains this a condition in Afghanistan
racism in America
poverty at its finest in South Africa
and you tell me to wait
for what should i wait
to see how the humanity ends?
god they’re not in a condition to even defend
this world is a mess
and we got lost in some kind of myth
killing people is today’s some kind of fact
that becomes headlines
media only highlight those story
for which it could make money
opposition give deadlines
but nothing has changed
everything has been the same
the politicians ,presidents,
prime ministers are just the name
the one with no brain
they talk lame
and they feel no shame
starting wars over and over and over again
no hesitation
all deception
i was 17 when i realized
if you want to be alive
you have to survive
on your own,
so let’s stick together and fight
before it gets too late
let’s make a promise to stand up against
violence and have faith.

written by : Revolution of World

it’s one of my best poems i’ve ever wrote


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